About our garments - Tailored Clothing for the Elderly or Disabled

Don't pay RETAIL. We manufacture, so buy ONLINE direct from CLOTHING SOLUTIONS and get exceptional value for money. You get to purchase at WHOLESALE prices !  We only use high quality fabrics and manufacture to the highest New Zealand standards available.


Our unique garment design is easily placed on from the front. To wear your new garment, open up the double back of the garment and place the arms through into the sleeves. Now place the garment over the head onto the shoulders and allow the back of the garment to drape evenly down over the back. It's as simple as that. Dressed or undressed in seconds !


Garment features

  • Absolutely no velcro !!!
  • Discreet opening seam on the back of garments allows for quick & easy dressing & undressing (patent pending no. 583124)
  • Comfortable fabrics used in nightwear garments
  • Discreet dome cuffs on selective garments
  • Gives the patient a stylish conventional dress appearance fusing fashion with dignity
  • A blank name tag provided for easy resident naming identification
  • The appearance of buttons with the benefit of hassle free dressing
  • Shoulder dome release on selective nightwear garments for ease of inserting morphine pumps within hospice care situations
  • Generous overlap on the rear of selective garments ensures privacy and extra warmth to the back and spinal areas. 

Assisted living made easy

  • Enables those with minor to moderate physical disabilities to dress independently
  • 3 garment packs allows for laundry time and accidents
  • Ladies capped-sleeve nightie is ideal for palliative care situations
  • Garment design allows the patient to be easily and comfortably dressed
  • Minimises the risk of pressure areas developing
  • Garment design allows for ease in toileting and changing of incontinence care products
  • Reduces risk of injury to caregivers whilst dressing the patient & reduces dressing time
  • Reduces the risk of patient skin tears whilst dressing


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