Sleepsuit - Polar Fleece

100% Poly Cotton

A unisex garment. This polar fleece sleepsuit is designed with winter conditions in mind. Ideal for clients who just can't or won't stay under the covers during the night. This sleepsuit gives you a snuggly buggly feeling making for a good nights sleep.


This garment is available in a inner leg zip option, a back zip option, a front zip option and now a shoulder dome option. The new range gives our customers the flexibility to choose the option most suited to their individual needs. 


As our Polar Fleece fabric stock changes frequently and without notice, we have listed under the "Colour" choice for you to select either "Mens" option or "Ladies" option. Your sleepsuit order will then be manufactured out of the most appropriate Polar Fleece fabric available in stock.   

Price: $118.00

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